Here's how to create your first Course:

  1. From your Learning Space select the (+) sign and click Create Course.

2. Complete the sections found in the Course Information step. Most noticeably:

  • Channels - In which Channel (topic) should this Course sit.

  • Skills - Map relevant Skills to your Course so Users will know what Skills they will gain on their learning journey.

  • Collaborators - The Contributor, Manager, or Admin helping you edit this Course.

  • Verifier and Verification Interval - The subject-matter expert, responsible for keeping content up-to-date, within the Verification Interval shown.

3. Add your Sections and/or Lessons to organise the content of your Course, and include Assessments.

4. Assign Learners in this step, using the Custom Rules, to ensure the right Users will gain access to the Course.

5. Release & Deadline enables you to set:

  • Course Availability - Whether access is immediate or scheduled for a specific date.

  • Deadline - Users must complete the Course by this date.

  • Discussions - Turn on the comments for your Course, to enable social learning.

  • Rewards - Provide Users with Badges and Certificates

6. Select Save & Publish to set your Course live!

Watch our video tutorial below:

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