Events are designed for both IRL Classroom style sessions or even can be used for hybrid events - use events for when you want to associate a physical location to the learning.

To create your Event:

  1. Select Event from the Studio (Or the + Icon on the homepage)

2. Fill in the details of your event in the Information section.

  • Event Name - the title of the content, searchable by assigned Users.

  • Event Summary - a brief description, visible on the content card.

  • Event Type - choose from Conference to Workshop to Trade Show, and more.

  • Description - providing further detail about the Event session and adding any important links.

  • Channels - assign the class to the relevant Channel - usually based on the topics included.

  • Skills - map relevant Skills to your Event, so Users will know what Skills they'll gain, when attending.

  • Language - the language the Event will be held in. This can be viewed via the Dashboard data tables.

  • Collaborators - Contributors, Managers or Admins who can help you edit the content you're creating.

  • Cost Per Learner - if you want to make the Event into premium content, set a cost for Users to spend their Learning Budget towards.

  • Verifier - the subject-matter expert, responsible for checking the content based on the Verification Interval.

3. Choose your Date & Time Settings

  • Address - You can enter any address and the Google Map location will appear.

  • Additional Directions / Instructions - If you want to give specific details about the location or links (if online), here is the place.

  • Event Duration - This can be in Hours or Days. For the "Days" option, you can set the Daily Duration, in addition.

  • When do bookings close? - Choose how many hours Users can book on to the Event. If you set "0 Hours", this means Users can book up until the last minute.

  • Maximum allowed bookings - the maximum No. of bookings the Event can accept.

    • Cancel the session if the minimum number of bookings is not reached - If the number of bookings is lower than this amount, the session will be automatically cancelled.

4. Add any relevant documents in the Add Resources step, and then Assign Learners (Step Four).

5. Complete Step Five - Release and Deadline. Click Save & Publish to finish.

Remember ✨:

  • You can auto-enrol Users, so they'll automatically receive a notification.

  • For content that is already published: if you want to schedule it to become available at a later date, you will need to do the following: Unpublish the content > set the scheduled date > click "Publish" in order to (re)publish the content.

Take a look at a quick and easy video guide below:

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