Learning can go beyond your Learning Space, that's why it's important to create events such as conferences, workshops or online social gatherings to encourage relationship building, peer-to-peer productivity and boost morale.

How does it work? 

  1. Click on your (+) icon and choose the 'Create Event' option. 

2. Fill in the details of your Event. Key fields include:

Event Type - Choose whether this is a conference, workshop, networking event or other.

Skills- Map relevant Skills to your Event so Users will know what Skills they'll gain from attending.

Cost Per Learner - Include a cost for booking on to this Event, to turn it into premium content.

3. Select the Date & Time. Key fields include:

When does bookings close? - Set up until how many hours Users can book on to the Event. If you set "0 Hours", this means Users can book up until the last minute.

Maximum allowed bookings - the maximum No. of bookings the Event can accept.

Cancel the session if minimum number of bookings is not reached - If the number of bookings is lower than this amount, the session will be automatically cancelled.

Note: You can set a recurring Event by day, week, month, or fortnight.

4. Add any relevant documents in the Add Resources step

5. Assign your learners

6. Complete the Release and Deadline steps. Click Save & Publish to finish.

Tip: You can auto-enrol Users, so they'll automatically receive a notification. 

Below is the video tutorial:

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