SCORM stands for Shared Content Object Reference Model and is a very fancy way of explaining to eLearning software that what it's looking at is a Course.

Think of SCORM as the PDF of the eLearning world - it's interoperable and works across lots of eLearning platforms but it definitely serves a different purpose to a PDF!

1. Within the Studio select SCORM.

2. Name your SCORM Course, tag it to the desired Channel(s) and choose your Verifier, within the Information step.

3. Upload your chosen SCORM file in Step Two: Upload SCORM, by clicking on the (+) icon.

  • A pop-up to your computer files will appear. From here, select your SCORM file (which must end in ".zip" and not exceed 1 GB in size).

  • You can upload multiple SCORM Courses, by individually selecting the files, each time you click the (+) icon.

  • Give your SCORM Courses a Custom name too!

4. Your chosen files will appear in a list form on the page. Click Save & Continue, on the top-right, to confirm the upload.

5. Assign your Learners

5. At the Release & Deadline step, set your SCORM Course's Availability, add a Deadline, Make the Course recurring, (so Users have to retake again after a certain time period) and/or include Rewards (Certificates and/or Badges).

6. Click Save & Publish to set your Course live.

Watch our tutorial for the steps, in this video:

Note ✨: SCORM Courses can only be retaken by Users, only if these parameters are set by the SCORM creator themselves (this is not done via HowNow).

HowNow supports the following SCORM types:

  • SCORM 1.2

  • SCORM 2004

  • AICC

  • xAPI

  • cmi5 content

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