Once you've completed the initial steps of the Course creation process, you can set up a Reward to assign to the Course, a specific Section or Lesson, from the final step:

Add a Reward

You can add Rewards to a Course, selecting which Lesson or Section they need to complete in order to achieve it, or whether the entire Course needs completing.

Click on the Add Reward button to open the pop-up, from which you'll be able to add your Rewards.

  1. Whilst in Step Four: Release & Deadline of creating your Course

  2. Toggle the Manage Rewards slider to enable rewards

  3. Select the Add Reward button

  4. Select Certificate or Badge from the drop-down

Adding a Certificate

Add the Certificate name, title, the name of the signatory and a copy of a signature. Once this is done, hit Save Certificate

Adding a Badge

Add the Badge name, description, select a template/upload a custom badge and select Save Badge.

Notes ✨:
1. Rewards are allocated based on the completion of a Course and not based on the mark obtained in an Assessment.
2. If you'd like to upload your own badge, we suggest a size of 100x100px!

Find out how to add rewards and assign them manually below

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