Once you've completed the initial steps of the Course creation process, you can set up a Reward to assign to the Course, a specific Section or Lesson, from the final step:

Add a Reward

You can add Rewards to a Course, by using one of the two options provided, giving a smoother way to assign Badges and Certificates to Users.

When creating a Course you can:

  • Assign a Reward based on completing a Lesson or Section

  • Assign a Reward based on completing the entire Course

To get started:

1. Visit Step Four of the Course Editor, and head to the Add Reward section

2. Turn the toggle button on, to activate the option of adding a Reward.

3. Clicking Add Reward will provide the Badge and Certificate options from a small drop-down list.

Adding a Certificate

Add the Certificate name (e.g, "Marketing Certificate"), title (e.g, "Marketing Presentation Skills - Stage 4"), signatory name and a copy of their signature.

You can assign a Certificate to any assigned Users, who meet the criterion for one of the following options, before clicking Save Certificate to finish:

  • When the Course is completed - This option allows you to automatically assign the Reward to any assigned User that completes all Lessons/Sections of the Course. This includes passing any Assessments included in the Course, that have a passing grade requirement.

  • When specific Lessons are completed - This option allows you to automatically assign the Reward to any assigned User that completes only the required Lessons or Sections, specified.

Adding a Badge

Add the Badge name, a description, and select a badge design, from the preset templates.

You can alternatively, upload a custom badge design, of your own.

You can set the criteria for assigning the Reward - the same as mentioned in the Certificates section above.

Notes โœจ:

  • Once a Reward is published, the Author can only amend the Reward name and description. The template and assignment criteria (Course completion or Lesson/Section completion), cannot be changed, once the content is published.

  • If the assignment criteria is set to "specific Lessons are completed", and a User begins those Lessons, you can't amend the option chosen.

  • Rewards are not allocated based on the mark obtained in an Assessment.

  • If you'd like to upload your own Badge, we suggest a size of 100x100px!

Watch our video guide on how to add Rewards and assign them.

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