When there's so much amazing content being shared by your team, you want to make sure you catch it! That's where the Weekly Digest emails come in handy.

Designed to get the most engaging content - or even the most important, need-to-know content - right to you, the Weekly Digest is what keeps you up on the latest across your organisation's learning platform. They consist of content assigned as Top Picks (for Authors, that means the "Channel" field, when creating content).

So, in order to manage this...

  1. Go to your Profile and select the Settings tab.

  2. Head to the Notifications section

  3. Select your Digest delivery option, based on your personal preference:

    • Daily - sent each morning (only recommended if content changes often)

    • Weekly - the standard/default option (recommended)

    • Never - this cannot be overridden by any Admin, and remains until changed again

Note✨: The Weekly Digest may be sent to your inbox between 11pm and 2AM UTC, each Sunday.

Watch our video tutorial on how to turn on your HowNow Digest newsletter: 

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