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Troubleshooting unreceived email invitations
Troubleshooting unreceived email invitations

If a User tells you they've not received their invitation, there are some actions to take from your side to check!

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Now that you have invited your Users to join your Learning Space, here are a couple of things that you could check if they don't seem to receive the email invite: 

  1. (An obvious one) - Check the spelling of the user's email address

  2. Ask your user to check in their Spam and Junk Folder

  3. Try to re-invite them by clicking on the three dots symbol, on their row, from the Dashboard > Users page.

Alongside the above, have your IT department check if HowNow has been white-listed, as your organisation may have firewalls blocking unknown emails. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if the issue persists, so we can also confirm if the email was sent and delivered on the mail server, and resolve it for your team. 

Note ✨ : if an integration is done with the HRIS or via an SFTP file, then the invite will only send on their start date, according to the HRIS and date of file upload for the SFTP.

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