Navigating through the Content Player is easy once you understand the various sections. The Content Player refers to the page you'll land on, after opening a Nugget, and the pages you'll navigate through on a Course.

Nugget Content Player

The Nugget Content Player features the following elements:

1. The side toolbar consists of 4 icons, each with their own purpose:

  • Pencil - this allows the Author to edit the Nugget (takes them to Nugget's editor).

  • People - shows the number of people who have opened the Nugget.

  • Speech bubbles - clicking this opens the Discussions section, from the right of the screen.

  • Thumbs-up - this allows the assigned Users to give the content a "like". The number of likes will be shown here.

2. The bottom toolbar consists of the same icons as the side option, except for the following:

  • "i" (info) - this shows when the Nugget was last Verified, and by whom.

  • Flag - Users can click this to open a pop-up to flag the content as inappropriate.

  • Bookmark tag - Users can save the Nugget to revisit in their Saved section, on the homepage.

3. The remain two elements shown on the content player include:

  • Show Discussion - this opens the same Discussion section, as the speech bubbles icon.

  • Channel - this will display which Channel the Nugget is assigned to.

Course Content Player

When on a Course landing page, you'll be greeted by the following elements:

1. The Course sections and titles of any Lessons and Assessment

2. The Deadline (if applicable)

3. The Name of the Verifier, and when the content was last Verified. Here you'll also see how many Likes and Comments the content has received too!

4. You can also see all the Channels this content has been assigned to.

Click Start Course, Continue or any of the Lessons listed (see image above) to jump to them.

Once inside the Content Player, you will see:

5. The navigation bar on the left, to see an overview of all the content. As you're completing content, the green content bar will continue to fill too!

6. You can also save content for later, by clicking the Bookmark icon.

7. Click the speech bubble to the right of the page to open Discussions, and take part in the social learning experience. Also give a Like to the content too.

8. Navigate through your Course by clicking the Previous and Next buttons.

Have a look at an immersive video guide below:


With Assessments sitting inside Courses, their Content Player will be identical to a Course. One point to note, is the 'traffic light' system of Grey, Amber, Green and Red.

Each of these represent the different stages of the Assessment process, and are shown on the Web app, mobile app and Browser Extension.

Grey Circle

On a Course's landing page, the Lesson or Assessment card, will always show a dotted grey circle, towards the right. This circle colour means it has not been started yet.

Once you click on the card (or Start Course), the colour will change on the landing page, and within the Content Player. The colours include the following:

Amber circle

Within the Content Player, once a User has completed an Assessment that requires marking, an amber circle will appear on the navigation slide-out bar.

This means the Assessment has been completed, and is under review by the Author.

All circle colours will also display on the landing page, with a tooltip defining the status, when Users hover their cursor over it: Not Marked.

Green circle

The green circle is shown once a User has completed their Assessment, and it has been marked by the Author.

This shows the same on the navigation slide-out bar, as it does on the landing page: Completed and Passed.

Red exclamation mark

The red circle/exclamation mark icon is shown once a User has completed their Assessment, and it has been marked by the Author as failed.

This shows the same on the navigation slide-out bar, as it does on the landing page: Failed.

The same system will also be used on both the mobile app and Browser extension.

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