If a User is no longer part of your organisation or isn't participating in training, then you can delete or deactivate them as needed!

Deleting a User

1. Select the Users page on the Dashboard panel

2. Click the 3 dots for more options, next to the User you want to delete

3. Select Delete, to open the confirmation pop-up

4. Click Delete Users to confirm

Note: Deleting is a permanent process and if they want to join the platform again you'll need to create a whole new profile for the User!

Deactivating a User

1. Select the Users tab

2. Click the 3 dots for more options, next to the User you want to delete

3. Select Deactivate, to open the confirmation pop-up

4. Click Deactivate Users to confirm

Note : Deactivating is not a permanent process and can be reversed - if you'd like to reactivate the User just filter by Deactivated and reactive the account.

HRIS or SFTP Users

If you are using an HRIS with HowNow - such as Okta, Bamboo HR or HiBob - you won't be able to Delete or Deactivate any User that was onboarded via your HRIS. The same applies if you've onboarded your Users, via an SFTP file.

You can identify Users who were onboarded via HRIS or SFTP, by the tag shown next to their username.

Users added via your HRIS or SFTP file, won't have the option to be Deleted or De-activated, from the 3-dot menu, unlike Users added via a traditional invite.

Reassigning Content

If you delete a User who is an Author of the content, you'll be asked to select a new author to adopt their content, so nothing is lost.

Your HRIS Integration will automatically remove leavers from the platform, so we'll automatically make the school owner the new Author.

Note the following:

  • The deleted User's Draft content, will also be transferred, not just the published material.

  • Any User who held a content-creation role (Admin, Manager, Contributor), then became a Read Only User, will still have any previously created content, re-assigned.

  • Select Multiple Users and select the Dustbin icon to delete or deactivate multiple Users at once.

It's important to remember that the learning space owner - the Admin responsible for setting up your organisation's learning space on HowNow - cannot be deleted, nor deactivated. To switch the ownership over to another Admin, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.

See a video guide below:

Note✨ : Both deactivating and deleting a User free up a seat for your User cap. Make sure that if you're planning to reactivate a deactivated User, you have sufficient seats remaining.

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