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You can add Collaborators to support you in creating and editing your content - this is a great way to tag-team on specific content, or get some advice and actionable suggestions from an expert in the topic!

Collaborators can be any Users with the Org User Roles of Contributor, Manager or Admin.

In a Course, Event, Live Class, Webinar, SCORM Course or HowNow+ content

  1. Open your content's Information step and type in the name of the User(s) you'd like to make Collaborators .

When sharing a Nugget

  1. Open your Nugget, hit Settings and type in the name of the User(s) you'd like to make Collaborators.

Note✨: Users will receive a web app and email notification, whenever they've been made a Collaborator, whether for published or draft content. Opening the notification will take them to the Preview mode, to view the content. Clicking the Edit option (pencil icon) will allow the Collaborator to begin making changes.

Take a look at adding a Collaborator, in the video guide below:

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