Add HowNow to Microsoft Teams so you can search, surface and share knowledge without ever leaving the Teams app - enable this for the entire team and you'll be loving life and learning.

The account owner for your organisation's Teams account can setup the HowNow app for the whole organisation with the following steps:

Step one - upload the custom app

1. Ask us to provide you with the custom - drop us a message and we'll send it over!

2. Visit this page to Manage your Apps

3. Click on Upload a custom app and upload the .zip file

5. On the left-side toolbar, select Teams > the HowNow logo should appear below the chat text space (on the main page)

Step two: Install the custom app for an Organisation-wide default policy

2. Click on Global (Org-wide default) and switch ON Upload custom apps (if it's off)

3. Under the Installed Apps section > Click on Add Apps

4. Search for the HowNow app and select Add

HowNow app installation done successfully for all users in the organisation, it may take a few hours to reflect this on all users teams section.

Note: If the HowNow logo doesn't appear, select the three dots > search for "HowNow" and add it.

]Type @hownow in the chat box to activate the HowNow bot and choose the actions you want.

The HowNow bot will enable users to search for content and create Nuggets directly from within Microsoft Teams.

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