If your industry requires compliance training or certification on any kind of regular schedule, then this is about to make your life so much easier.

Recurring Dates are the perfect way to remind your people and yourself, that your compliance certification is close to expiring and needs to be renewed. You can also use it to help your people refresh their memory on fundamental knowledge.

For example, give your Sales Reps a quarterly refresher on pitching or your Customer Service reps a reminder of critical product features. With recurring Course dates you can reduce the admin with automations and easily drive continuous learning.

You'll be able to add a Recurring Date option for Courses, SCORM, Live Classes, Webinars and Events. This doesn't, however, apply to Nuggets.

To set your Recurring Date option:

  1. Inside your content type's editor, go to the final step.

  2. Toggle the option under Is this course recurring?

3. Assign any of the following recurring periods:

  • Monthly - 4 weeks

  • Quarterly - 3 months

  • Annually - 12 months

  • Custom - You can set customised Days/Weeks/Months

4. Once you've selected your desired options, click Save & Publish to finish.

Remember that your Recurring Date will start from the date in which your Users have completed the content. The date the Course was published, does not influence the Recurring Date time period. For example:

  • Course A is published on 17 Dec, with a Recurring Date set to "Monthly".

  • User 1 completes Course A on 1 Jan.

  • The Recurring Date period will start from 1 Jan, with User 1 needing to retake the Course on 1 Feb (when it expires).

For Live Classes and Webinars

Users must click the "Join" button to attend the session, and this will activate the Recurring Date.

For Users

Once they've completed the content, they'll be able to retake the content by selecting the Retake button on the content's landing page.

Notifications to remind Users will be sent out:

  • 2 weeks before the expiration date

  • On the date of expiry

  • 1 week after the expiration date (only if they have yet to retake/do the content)

Watch our video tutorial below:

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Please Note: This feature is currently in Beta, and we're always working on ironing little things out. If you have feedback on a Beta feature and want to make a suggestion on how to improve it - just drop us a message in the chat!

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