If your industry requires compliance training or certification on any kind of regular schedule, then this is about to make your life so much easier.

To set a Renewal Cycle:

  1. Inside your content type's editor, go to Step 4 - Release & Deadline

  2. Toggle the option under Renewal Cycle

  3. Assign any of the following recurring periods:

  • Monthly - 4 weeks

  • Quarterly - 3 months

  • Annually - 12 months

  • Custom - You can set customised Days/Weeks/Months

4. Once you've selected your desired options, click Save & Publish to finish.

Remember that the Renewal Cycle will start from the date the User has completed the content. So, as Users learn at different paces, this date will be different for each assignee.

For Live Classes and Webinars

Users must click the "Join" button to attend the session, and this will activate the Renewal Cycle.

For Users

Once they've completed the content, they'll be able to retake the content by selecting the Retake button on the content's landing page.

Remember✨: If content has a Cost Per Learner applied, the User will only be charged once, and not each time the content is renewed upon completion.

Notifications to remind Users will be sent out:

  • On the date of expiry

  • 1 week after the expiration date (only if they have yet to retake/do the content)

Watch our video tutorial below:

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