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How to use 'And' and 'Or' connectors in Custom Rules
How to use 'And' and 'Or' connectors in Custom Rules

You can easily use the "And" and "Or" rules when you are creating Custom Rules to select a specific pool of learners - here's how.

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You can use the AND/OR connectors to use multiple Custom Rules together.
It's the best way to reach the right teams and expand, or narrow down your reach for content.
This is a great way of finding Users who may not be within certain Groups (but have valuable Skills) or for adding Users who are members of multiple Groups.

By adding connectors to your rules, you can have a more specific approach to assigning content to your peers!

Using 'AND':

  • Using 'AND' means you would have a more specific, narrowed down Group.

For example: within this Course, two 'Joined' Custom Rules have been used to find a specific type of User that the content would be assigned to.

This is useful as should the content cover more than one topic relevant to a User, you'll be able to pinpoint them exactly.

Another example would be to narrow down the pool of Users by two Custom Rules such as 'Joined' and 'Achieved':

Using a number of Custom Rules such as Joined, Enrolled or Achieved means a specific User with certain criteria can be found, and then the particular content assigned to them.
The possibilities are endless for this, which it's why it is so great to find very specific types of Users!

Using 'OR':

  • Using 'OR' means you can widen your reach as it would include two or more Groups, therefore a larger pool of Users.

For example; below, the chosen Custom Rules are what 'Group' the Users are in, and who the Learner is- therefore those who are in BOTH of these Custom Rules will be included.

So, you can upskill more members of your organisation, at the same time.

These are just some of the ways you can use 'And' and 'Or' within your Custom Rules to your advantage - and they're really not scary or intimidating as long as you know how to use them!

(That's why we show you a handy preview of who you're targeting as you build your Rules!)

Remember - when using the "AND" connector, you're narrowing down your Assigned Learners, and by using the "OR" connector, you're widening it!

Have a look at the below video to see how 'And' and 'Or' connectors can be used;

If you need to refresh yourself on how to use Custom Rules, here is an article explaining the basics.

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