How to use the HowNow Browser Extension

Our handy Browser Extension is amazing (if we do say so ourselves) so we've put together a guide on how to use it to your advantage!

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Learning in the flow of work is what HowNow does - we want to make things seamless, easy and at the point of need. Enter the HowNow Browser Extension πŸš€

First: you're going to want to Install the Browser Extension and then you're ready to get started!

1. Share interesting Content with your team

Found something interesting to share with your team? Don't be shy! If you've found a great article or some interesting information you want to share you can do that using the Browser Extension in a few seconds.

  • I'm a Sales professional, and want to share a Blog Post I've read with my team. In just 3 clicks, you can create a useful Nugget and share it with your team using the Browser Extension!

2. Find Content that's relevant to you

Search for and find your internally available content, or anything from your External Content sources too by searching inside the Extension or on Google - easy peasy.

  • I'm new to the organisation, and not sure what CRM tools we use. I've searched for "CRM" on Google to try and become familiar with what we use, the HowNow Browser extension brings up smart suggestions that are based on my searches!

  • Use this to find content on Leadership, Digital Marketing or Customer Support!

You'll also be able to search for relevant HowNow content using the HowNow URL Search option.

  • Type "How Now" followed by a space, into your browser's URL bar.

  • Enter your keyword, e.g, "Sales" or "Marketing Course 2022"

  • This will immediately open the Extension, in the same tab, to surface content related to your keyword.

3. Learn in the flow of work

This is what HowNow does best - sharing knowledge in the flow of work. Picking up soft skills through podcasts, learning from videos and being able to share best practices at the point of need - that's us!

  • I'm in the Finance team and need to standardise my invoice templates. I've created a useful template on HowNow already and just need to insert this into my invoices - easy with the Browser Extension!

  • My colleague works in the Customer Success team and her manager has added a podcast to the platform for her. She can listen to it directly from the Browser Extension without leaving her tasks.

4. Make a Learning Budget Request

Found a Course, Webinar, Book or Conference you want to participate in? You can spend your Learning budget using the HowNow Browser Extension in seconds!

  • I've found an amazing book that I'd love to purchase using my Learning Budget. I don't want to have to go back and forth between HowNow and the website to fill in all the details - so I'll let the Browser Extension do the work for me!

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