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How to learn in the flow of work
How to learn in the flow of work

How to use our integrations and Browser Extension to improve your workflow!

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From creating a Nugget whilst on Google to surfacing knowledge from the HowNow platform whilst on Slack, our integrations and extensions improve your ability to learn in the flow of work.

Some cool things you can do: 😎

  • Listen to a podcast whilst completing other tasks

  • Sales team can watch a quick product update before a pitch to a client

  • Request learning budget whilst on Amazon, LinkedIn and so on

  • Quickly check product pricing either before, during or after a sales call

  • Create a Nugget whilst reading an interesting external article

  • Refer to FAQ Nuggets while speaking to someone via email or LinkedIn and even copy and paste text directly.

  • Share HowNow knowledge to colleagues on Slack without leaving, by using the '/hownow [search content]

  • Quickly copy and paste trial set up link to a client

  • Access a Nugget with a list of interview questions while interviewing a candidate

Take a look at our quick tutorial which showcases a few of the awesome things you can do with the HowNow integrations and Browser Extension!

If you have any questions at all, pop us a message! You'll find us in the chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen πŸ˜„

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