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How to request approval to spend your Learning Budget
How to request approval to spend your Learning Budget

Spend your Learning Budget on the resources that will help you to grow personally and professionally!

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Add to your learning experience by spending parts of your allocated Learning Budget on your chosen material! You can do this through the HowNow Browser Extension or through your Profile.

From your Profile

  1. Click on your Profile picture.

  2. Select Request Learning, to open the pop-up

  3. Select the Learning Type field to get started.

These required fields include:

  • Learning Name - the name/title of the learning you are about to request.

  • Source URL - the URL to the resource (for the Budget Owner to review).

  • Budget - you may be allocated more than one budget if you are in multiple Groups, so choose from which you'd like to spend.

  • Start Date - when your learning experience starts (applies to Bursary/Qualification, Conference, Course, Networking event, Workshop learning types).

  • End Date - when the learning experience is due to end (again, applies to above list).

  • Send To - choose which Budget Owner(s) you want to send your request to.

  • Learning Cost - Fill in any relevant cost fields, and leave blank any fields that do not require a cost (unless marked with a compulsory red asterisk). These will add to your overall total, and applies to the same Learning Type list mentioned for Start Date and End Date.

  • Supporting Documents - you can submit any documentation that will further explain why this training is relevant for you. This may include:

    • A receipt - if you've already purchased your resource (workshop ticket, book etc.).

    • A digital letter of approval - shared by another Manager in the organisation

    • Information about your training course, conference, etc.

Note✨: You can add up to 10 supporting documents, each at a maximum of 10MB. Supported file types include: pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .xlsx, .xls, .ppt, .pptx.

  • Additional Notes - explain why you would like to purchase this particular resource. To improve communication skills? Become a better leader? It's part of your development plan? You can add a maximum of 300 characters.

  • Submit your request by clicking Send Request.

4. Now your request has been sent, this will either be Approved or Rejected by the Budget Owner, of the budget you've chosen to allocate this resource towards.

Note✨: Important points to remember include...

  • Only Budget Owners will be able to approve or decline Learning Requests for a Budget. Admins cannot approve a Learning Request if they are not a Budget Owner and a Budget Owner cannot approve their own Learning Request.

  • Budget Owners can still edit a Budget's amount (not currency), even if a request has been submitted. If the Budget Owner decreases the Budget amount to below your requested learning amount, your budget will be set to £0, after they've approved said request. For example...

    • Your Budget = £100

    • You request learning for £50

    • Budget Owner then decreases budget to £40

    • Budget Owner approves your request

    • You new remaining Budget = £0

    • You'll always received a notification making you aware of the recent increase/decrease of your budget - showing old value to new value.

You can Top-up a Learning Request, should you need to spend more, on the same learning, e.g., for a workshop that has increased in price. Read our article: How to Top-up your Learning Request.

From the HowNow Browser Extension

When requesting learning, while using the HowNow Browser Extension, you simply select the Request Learning card icon, and this will open a new tab, taking you to your workspace, with the pop-up ready for you (same as the above steps).

Watch our video tutorial below:

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