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How to view the remaining balance of your Learning Budget
How to view the remaining balance of your Learning Budget

With a few clicks, keep track of what's left of your Learning Budget!

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Keep track of what you've spent, and how much you've got left of each of your Learning Budgets! Follow these steps outlined below:

1. On your Learning Space, you'll see the current balance of your oldest Learning Budget (shown in the pink bubble). The value shown here, is based on the Budgets shown in the table, of your Budgets & Requests tab (on the My Profile page).

If the top entry (your oldest budget) has no funds left, the pink bubble will update to show the remaining balance of the next Budget in line.

2. Selecting the Budget & Requests tab, shows you all the Budgets you're assigned to, the original amount given, and how much you have left over.

If it's a recurring Budget, it will replenish, once the time period has been reached (e.g., Monthly or Quarterly).

How easy was that?! 😉

Note: Here are some points to remember...

  • Budget Owners can still edit a Budget's amount (not currency), even if a request has been submitted. If the Budget Owner decreases the Budget amount to below your requested learning amount, your budget will be set to £0, after they've approved said request. For example...

    • Your Budget = £100

    • You request learning for £50

    • Budget Owner then decreases budget to £40

    • Budget Owner approves your request

    • You new remaining Budget = £0

    • You'll always received a notification making you aware of the recent increase/decrease of your budget - showing old value to new value.

  • Users will always received a notification making them aware of any recent increase/decrease of their Budget - showing old value to new value.

Watch our video tutorial below:

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