Add to your learning experience by spending parts of your Learning Budget on your chosen material! You can do this through the HowNow Browser Extension or through your Profile.

From the HowNow Browser Extension

  1. Find a resource you wish to spend your Learning Budget on.

  2. Open on the HowNow Browser Extension.

  3. Click on the Request Learning icon.

4. You'll be re-directed to a new tab, where you can fill the required fields on the Learning Request pop-up.

5. Click Submit Request. This will notify the budget owner, who will approve or reject your request.

From your Profile

  1. On your Learning Space, select your Profile picture.

  2. Select Request Learning.

3. Fill out the required fields of the pop-up:

  • Learning Type - select whether it's a Book, Bursary, Conference, Workshop, etc.

  • Learning Name - the name/title of the learning you are about to request.

  • Source URL - The URL to the resource (for the Budget Owner to review)

  • Select Budget - You may be allocated more than one budget if you are in multiple Learning Groups, so choose from which you'd like to spend.

  • Send To - which Budget Owner you want to send your request to.

  • Cost - How much is the learning you're about to request?

  • Supporting Documents - Any documentation that may prove why you should have access to the resource. For example, a marketing qualification will support your need to purchase access to a digital marketing conference resource.

  • Additional Notes - why would you like to purchase this particular resource? To improve communication skills? Become a better leader?

When selecting either Bursary, Conference, Course, Networking Event or Workshop options, the following extra fields will appear, on the request form for you to add any additional costs that may be needed for such experiences:

  • Start Date / End Date

  • Accommodation Cost

  • Travel Cost

  • Daily Allowance

As you enter the costs for any of the above additional fields, you will see the total cost of the Learning Request increase accordingly, within the Cost field.

4. Click Send Request. This will notify the budget owner, who will approve or reject your request.

Note: ✨ Only Budget Owners will be able to approve or decline Learning Requests for a Budget. Admins cannot approve a Learning Request if they are not a Budget Owner and a Budget Owner cannot approve their own Learning Request.

Watch our video tutorial below:

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