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How to understand the requirements for uploading Offline Activity
How to understand the requirements for uploading Offline Activity

Which fields are required for uploading Offline Activity and Learner Records?

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When bulk uploading Activities and Learner Records, to the Offline page, you'll receive a confirmation email, explaining the status of your upload attempt: Either successful or unsuccessful.

Your email will appear similar to the one shown below.

There are a number of requirements for entries within your CSV, that will always need to be met, in order to successfully upload your record(s). These include the following compulsory fields...

Title - this will always be a required field within your CSV.

Provider - this is the name of the organisation/institute/business that provided the learning experience/resource.

URL - you must upload a valid URL, including "https://" at the beginning on the URL.

For example: - the inclusion of "www." is optional.

Email - this is the email address of the User you want to add to this Offline learning record. The Offline sub-page will show this User as added, upon importing.

If one or more of the compulsory entries submitted into your CSV, fail to meet the requirements above, then the email update will outline how many records had failed (image below).

The following fields are not compulsory, so can be left blank, upon upload...

Type - this is the type of learning completed by your User(s).

  • For example: Seminar or Diploma. This can indicate at what level of experience/knowledge your User has achieved on the subject, and whether they could benefit from a top-up course, so they reach the desired level.

Renewal Cycle (in months) - this requires a numerical value, more than or equal to 1. Your upload will be unsuccessful if you enter "0".

Completion Date - when the learning was completed. This allows all relevant Managers to see how long ago, their team member(s) achieved the knowledge.

  • For example: A Leadership Management qualification completed in 2022, may show that the User doesn't require another Leadership Management course, as the knowledge is still in date. You may also want to make them a knowledge expert on Leadership within your organisation.

Note✨: You will always have a reminder as to the requirements, via the link shown, which will open this support article, in a new tab.

Watch our video tutorial below.

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