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Self-Directing learning on HowNow
Self-Directing learning on HowNow

We all want to be given the tools to decide on our own development - here's how to do that with HowNow.

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Finding the answers we need and taking control of our own learning approach? Sounds like a win to me. Self-directing learning encourages us to improve our wellbeing, professional development and personal improvement.

Creating Nuggets

Curate content

HowNow comes pre-packed with dozens of free content providers from wellbeing experts, leadership guides, tech news and business insiders - you can compile content from where you're most likely learning from already. Saving you precious time!

Find out how to enable your content streams and apps here. (This article is for Admins only)

Give people the ability to create and share

When you're giving people the opportunity to share content - you're also reinforcing a culture of learning. Fill the knowledge gaps with that tribal knowledge that would otherwise never be recorded and use it time and time again.

Find out more about how to create a continuous learning culture here.

Unified Search

Whatever you need, we got it.

HowNow integrates with content streams, your shared drives, dozens of apps and any content libraries you're already using. Our unified search means you can surface what you need wherever it is. It's the most powerful tool in your self-directed learning arsenal.

Find out about our integrations here.


HowNow also has incredible smart personalised recommendations based on you. Our AI takes into consideration your job title, Channels you're subscribed to content, content you've previously viewed and the things you search for so that every single user has a custom experience. After all - that's what an LXP is for.

We also send you a weekly digest of learning materials you might be interested in so you're not missing out.

Find out how HowNow's personalised learning works here.

On-Demand Access

HowNow lives where you work

Whether you're a Slack obsessive, an MS Teams evangelical or just a good-old fan of your browser - HowNow lives wherever you need it to.

Access, share and create content through the MS Teams App, Slack App or HowNow Browser Extension. Let your people find the answers for themselves with contextual recommendations in their browsers or the @hownow or /hownow commands - easy peasy.

Find out more about how to learn in the flow of work here.

Want to ask us a few questions about using HowNow to support self-directed learning? drop us a message in the support chat.

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