Being able to see insights and metrics into all of the learning that takes place at your organisation is essential - track success, gather proof of business value and your people's performance too.

At HowNow, we categorise this in 3 different ways

Proof of Knowledge


Testing proof of knowledge by using Assessments is an invaluable tool - not only does it allow you to ensure your learners are up to speed and to periodically check their learning along the pathway, but you can also use this to form a formal certification internally.

Imagine how talented your Customer Success team would be if you'd be able to assess their understanding at different points of their career? They'd be unstoppable.

Find out how to use Assessments here.

Reporting on Assessments

HowNow has a single home for all Assessment reporting - where you can view completion rates, mark questions and export insights into your peoples' knowledge via a CSV.

Find out how to use the Assessments page here.

Proof of Skill

Skills Assessments and Tracking

When your new starters onboard onto HowNow - they're asked to complete a Skills assessment giving you a benchmark figure for their Skill levels when they first start.

Using a weighted average from their Manager or Peers, they're able to also request endorsement - further giving you an idea of skills progressions and opportunities.

In addition to this, you're able to review Skills data at any point - giving you insights into upskilling requirements without even asking.

Find out more about Skills here.

Proof of Performance

Business context

L&D and People functions always deserve a seat at the table. This doesn't just mean by ensuring your people are compliant or increasing your employee retention - it also means mapping Learning activity to Business needs.

With HowNow, you can export CSV files to be imported into your own BI Dashboard. If you're feeling extra techy - you can also have this exported to our SFTP to be automatically imported. Giving you the essential insights you need.

Find out more about reporting via our new Dashboard here.

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