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How to Add Users to Groups when using Zapier and Shopify
How to Add Users to Groups when using Zapier and Shopify

Get the right Users into the right Groups, once they make a purchase on your Shopify store.

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Only new content that has been published on HowNow after you have integrated with Zapier will be transferred through to your Shopify store. To get connected, follow the steps in this guide.

You'll later be able to bulk upload any of your existing content (any content you've created before you integrated with Zapier), using a CSV template via Shopify's own bulk upload feature.

Part One - Create your content

On HowNow

Create your content on HowNow > Save it as a draft. This ensures the course will not be created on Shopify once the integration is active.

Once you've completed both of the Zaps below, your HowNow content will be displayed under the My Shopify page, under the Products section.

Ensure the Cost Per Learner section on your content remains as "0".

Part Two - Set up your Zaps

After you've set up your Zapier integration by following the steps in the article linked above, select your Triggers and Actions to create the first Zap.

You'll need to create two new Zaps to ensure your content is visible and purchasable!

Zap One

This Zap will publish content to your Shopify storefront once it's published on HowNow.


1. Search for the HowNow app in the search bar of the Trigger section > Select the HowNow (1.0.0) option.

This will take you to the Choose app & event step, from where you can continue with the setup.

2. Choose app & event step > Select the Event field > the only option given, will be Get First Time Published Content > Select Continue.

This means content published for the first time, will become available for purchase.

3. In the Choose account step > Select your email address > click Continue.

This will be the same one that you've used to log into your organisation's learning space.

4. Test trigger enables you to test your zap. This will show dummy data, which signifies the testing has been completed, and the zap is functioning as it should.

Click Continue and a green tick will appear on the Trigger title bar, confirming this section as complete.


Now you'll need to start to fill out the Actions section.

5. Search for and select the Shopify app.

5. Select Event > choose "Find Product by Title" > then select Continue.

6. Choose account step will prompt you to sign in to your Shopify account > log into your Shopify account via the pop-up that appears.

7. For Set up action > select Name for the Product Title field.

This is the title for the content you've created on HowNow.

Select the checkbox: "Create Shopify Product if it doesn't exist yet?" This will expand to reveal the following fields:

  • Product Type: Select the content type you've created (Nugget, SCORM, etc.)

  • Vendor: The HowNow username of the author of the content.

  • Product Description: Selecting both the Description and the Short Description will display either description on the Shopify store-front, only if the content type already features both descriptions (e.g, a Live Class has both).

  • Price: Set the price customers will pay.

  • Image URL: Select the given option.

  • SKU: You can select this unique ID, from the drop-down menu.

  • Is Published?: Always select the "False" option.

The remaining fields can be ignored:

  • Tags.

  • Published At.

  • Inventory Policy.

  • More Image URLs.

  • Publish to the Point of Sale.

9. Select Test & Review, or you can Skip the test > you'll be asked if you want to turn on the Zap > confirm to switch it on.

11. Go back to the Zapier homepage > select Zaps from the sidebar, to see your zap activated.

12. Return to HowNow and publish your chosen content

Note ✨: When assigning your content to users in HowNow, don't use the "AND" connectors, use only the "OR".

13. Log into your Shopify account > select All Products > your content, published on HowNow, will appear in this section of Shopify.

Note ✨ : At this point within Shopify, search for the content on the store-front. If it doesn't appear, this means it's not set live on Shopify yet.

14. To get it on the store-front, select your store of choice > click Manage, in the Product Status box.

15. In the Shipping section, de-select the button, "This is a physical product", before setting it live.

Note ✨ : If the name of the content is updated on Shopify, this won't be replicated for the title on HowNow.

Zap One Video Guide

Zap Two

This zap will add existing HowNow Users to Groups, based on the criteria you set here.

1. On the Zapier homepage, select Create Zap > search for and select the Shopify app.

2. The Trigger section will appear automatically > choose New Paid Order, from the drop-down menu. Then click Continue.

3. Choose account as Shopify > then Set up trigger for the following fields (these can be left as the default options, if you like) :

  • Payment Status: Paid

  • Order Status: Any

  • Fulfilment Status: Any

4. Select Test trigger > this will show dummy data of what is collated from HowNow > select Continue.

5. For the Action section, choose the HowNow app (which represents your organisation's learning space).

Select one of the following three options under the Event field, then select Continue.

  • Add User to Groups - Users who purchase content via Shopify, will be added to specific Groups, when you include the Group ID in this Zap.

  • Add User to HowNow - Users who purchase content via Shopify, will be added to your organisation's HowNow learning space.

  • Assign Content to User - Users who purchase content via Shopify, will be added to HowNow and have access to the content.

In this example, we will continue with Add User to Groups. Check out our articles on How to use Zapier to sell your content on Shopify and How to Add Users to HowNow when using Zapier and Shopify

6. You will be automatically shown the search box for apps (same as you did for the Shopify and HowNow apps).

Search for and add the Looping by Zapier app. In the Event field, select Create Loop From Text and press Continue.

7. Set up action - this step of the Loop, will fetch the relevant Group IDs, each time your products are sold, so the User can be added to the right Group.

  • Values to Loop - the first box can have any text you like. In this example, we're using "Product Name". In the second box, choose Line Items Name.

  • The remaining fields can be left with their default values - no changes needed. Select Continue.

8. You can test the action, to ensure all is set up correctly for the Loop. Selecting Test & continue will run the test, and the button will change to Publish Zap.

Important❗- Be aware at this point, you'll need to add another Action, so don't publish your zap yet! Instead, select the "+" button towards the bottom of the Test action box, just below Close), to add the next action.

9. Search for, and select, the Shopify app then choose Find Product by Title for the Event field.

10. Choose account - this will be Shopify.

11. Set up action requires input for just one field. In the Product Title field, select Product Name.

12. You can Test action and continue. Again, you will need to add another Action, so click the "+" button.

13. Search for and select the HowNow app. In the Event field, choose Add User to Groups.

14. Choose account - this will be your how now account.

15. Set up action requires the following to fields:

  • User email address - this option should be Email

  • Group ID - select Tags (these will be the Tags present within your Shopify, for each product).

You can then Test action and continue as always. Then click Publish Zap.

Zap Two Video Guide

Part Three - Your Shopify Store: Adding the Group ID

  1. From your HowNow Dashboard, visit the Groups page. Search for, then select, your desired Group, by clicking the Group Name in the table.

  2. Now on the Group sub-page, copy the number shown within the URL.

This number will always represent the Group ID. It will be different for each Group.

3. Go to your Shopify > Products > select your product.

In the Tags field, paste the Group ID number and add. Save your changes.

Now that the Tag has been added, and your product is live on your store, any existing User who makes the purchase, will be added to the desired Group.

Remember✨: You can also combine the Action step for Zap Two, from Add User to HowNow, if you want new Users to be both added to HowNow and then added to the desired Group, for that content.

Remind Users to check this via their Profile page, via Everyone and [x] more groups.

Watch our video tutorial below for a walk-through.

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