How to create Playlists
Compile common topics, create curriculums, share handbooks and gather things into a single Playlist for easy reference.
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Lead the way by making your Nuggets far more personalised with Playlists.

You can add all sorts of content into a Playlist - and it's easy to put them together using a mixture of your existing content for a blend of sources!

  1. Start by creating a Nugget from your Homepage/Studio.

  2. Click the Existing Content icon

  3. Search for any content relevant or any keywords relevant to what content you need!

  4. Click the Add button to put this content into the Playlist

You can use the Playlist to:

  • Create curriculums for your Learners to see all the content in their learning journey

  • Share a handbook of How-To content for your company tech stack

  • Provide a single document of FAQs for your Sales Enablement efforts

  • Publish a Compliance Course checklist with SCORM Courses for your team to complete

  • Create monthly company updates on team activities

See our video guide below:

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