Learning doesn't stop online and continues outside of digital spaces, you can now book Live Classes, Events and Webinars directly on your Learning Space!

On the Web App

  1. From your Learning Space, select the Events tab > select the Event, Live Class or Webinar you wish to make a booking for.

2. Select from the time slots available, and choose the Book button (in this example, we've used a Live Class, thus "Book Live Class" shows).

Note✨: You can only book one time slot, at a time.

3. You can add your booking details to your Calendar, or Join the session directly.

Note: You will have the option to add your booking directly to your calendar, with the following pop-up appearing. For more on this, read our article: How to add an Event, Live Class or webinar to your Calendar.

Watch the video tutorial to see this feature in action: 

On the Mobile App

Just select the time and date you'd like to attend, and then hit Book Place.

Note✨: You'll receive a confirmation and will be able to add the event to your calendar. You'll also receive email and in-app notifications to remind you before the chosen event starts!

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