Note ✨: This article shows how to cancel your own booking for an Event, Live Class or Webinar. If you're interested in cancelling or managing bookings for the events you've created, visit this article.

You can easily cancel your personal bookings for Events, Live Classes and Webinars, by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Events tab on the Homepage.

  2. Select the 3-dot menu on the content card of the event, you wish to cancel bookings for.

  3. For a singular booking, the confirmation pop-up will ask you whether to proceed or not, with the cancellation.

Note ✨: If you've booked two slots for the same session (for example, a morning session then an afternoon session), you can choose which one to cancel, by selecting the "x" icon.

4. Once you've selected "Yes", your booking(s) will be cancelled. You'll be able to re-book your slot right away, if you change your mind, or had mistakenly cancelled the booking (as long as the slots are still available).

Note: If you've added a time slot to your calendar, it will be automatically removed, if cancelled before the start of the session.

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