Now that the time of your Webinar or Live Class has come, how can you easily tune in? Below outlines how to join as a User and as an Admin.

As a User

On your Learning Space

1. Select My Library

2. Bookings

Click on the desired Live Class/Webinar and select Join Session.

Alternatively, you can join directly from your calendar invite or your email noticiation by clicking on the provided link or button!

Note ✨ : You will receive two reminder emails prior to the Webinar or Live Class. One email a day before, and a second email 1 hour before. You'll be able to connect from there too!

Check out our video tutorial below:

As an Admin

For Admins, the steps are just as simple:

  1. From your Dashboard, select the Bookings tab.

  2. Click Join Session next to the desired Live Class/Webinar

You'll be taken directly to the Virtual Classroom.

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