Live Classes are smaller, instructor led sessions that encourage more social learning and knowledge sharing such as an Onboarding session or team upskilling workshop.

  1. Select Live Class from the Studio (Or use the + Icon on the homepage) and on the first page, fill in the Live Class Information:

  • Live Class Summary - This will appear on the landing page of the Live Class.

  • Description - Providing further detail about the Live Class session and adding any important links.

  • Channels - Assign the Live Class to the appropriate Channels.

  • Skills- Map relevant Skills to your Live Class so Users will know what Skills they'll gain when attending.

  • Collaborators - Contributors, Managers or Admins who can help you edit the content you're creating.

  • Cost Per Learner - If you want to make the Live Class into premium content, set a cost for Users to spend their Learning Budget towards.

  • Verifier - the subject-matter expert, responsible for checking the content based on the Verification Interval.

2. Set the Date & Time:

  • Live Class Duration - In increments of 30 mins

  • Learners can book this class up to... - How many minutes a User can book a class before it starts.

  • Choose the type of class - This can be a one-to-one or Group session. Group session will enable you to set a maximum No. of bookings allowed for a HowNow Live Class.

4. Add Resources if needed and Assign your Learners.

5. Set up the availability at the Release & Deadline step:

Live Class Type:

  • Zoom - integrate with Zoom and enable up to 10000 Users to join a meeting.

  • HowNow Virtual Classroom - Have up to 10 Users join the class.

  • Custom Link - Use other virtual classroom links instead (e.g, Google Meets)

  • Session Type - You can select to create a Group session or a One-to-one. Only with a Group session, can you enable auto-enrol.

  • Cancel the session if minimum number of bookings is not reached.

  • Enter the desired number underneath the Minimum allowed bookings per session field.

  • Live Class Availability - Make it available immediately or schedule its release to you Users.

  • Is there a Deadline? - Allows you to add a deadline should this be required.

  • Is this course recurring? - select this option to ensure users assigned will be prompted to repeat the Live Class, after they complete their first session.

6. Once happy with everything, select Save & Publish:

See a short video guide below too!

Note ✨: When you have booked a Live Class, you will receive two reminder emails. One email a day before, and a second email 1 hour before. 

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