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How to embed Google Slides or PowerPoint in a Lesson or Nugget
How to embed Google Slides or PowerPoint in a Lesson or Nugget

Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations can be easily shared with everyone within a Nugget or Lesson

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You can embed a Google Slides or PowerPoint Presentation directly into a Nugget or Lesson within a Course which is an easy and effective way to share your presentations - how fancy is that? 😉

Google Slides

1. Select File > Share > Publish to web > Embed > Publish 

2. Once you click on Publish, from the pop-up, you'll need to copy the Embed code shown.

3. Inside your Nugget or Course Lesson, select the Embed Code option, and paste your code.

4. Click on Save and Continue and follow the steps to Publish your Course. 

Microsoft PowerPoint

Note: When embedding from PowerPoint, you must use the web app version, as the desktop (PC or Mac) app does not feature this functionality. You can access the web app from here: PowerPoint for the web.

1. Select File > Share > Embed > Generate

2. Copy the code and paste it into your Nugget or Course Lesson, via the Embed Code option (same as Step 3 above, for Google Slides).

Watch our video tutorial below for the steps in action...

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