Lead the way, by making your Nuggets far more personalised with Playlists.

You can add all sorts of content into a Playlist - and it's easy to put them together using a mixture of your existing content for a blend of sources!

  1. Start by creating a Nugget from your Dashboard/Studio (If you'd like to learn how to do this you can see our article here) to add existing content, click the Existing Content icon

2. You can search for any content relevant to your course, or any keywords relevant to what content you need!

3. Click the Add button to put this content into the Playlist

4. You can continue adding as much content as is needed - and create unique content to sit alongside it! Once you have everything combine, hit Save & Continue to Publish the content.

Topical Playlists: to compile content for your users on specific topics such as:

  • Must reads weekly

  • Leadership

  • Curriculum of content

  • Onboarding Playlist

  • International Women's Day 💃🏻

These are just a starting point to inspire you, so go ahead and create as many Playlists as you wish!

Here's a step-by-step guide for you too:

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