You can set the desired Access Level for your new Users, before they join the platform, and also amend them afterwards.

All Users will have standard access to content assigned to them, their Profile, can Request Approval for resources (if added to a Budget), and use the Browser Extension.

Take a look at the following overview for each Org User Role, and see more detail in our video tutorial, further below.


An Admin will have access to all areas of the platform and can make amendments where they see fit. Some of these include:

  • Viewing insights of all Users.

  • Turning 3rd Party apps on/off

  • Turning Tools on/off (e.g, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Calendar, Slack etc.)

  • Messaging all Users

  • Updating the Settings page of the organisation's learning space

  • Add or delete any User


Managers will have access to the Dashboard, but will only see insights for Users who are in the same Group(s) they are a Manager in.

Managers won't have access to the following:

  • Apps page

  • Settings for the organisation's learning space.


Contributors can create content in the Studio, both independently, and as Collaborators. They will only have access to specific pages of the Dashboard, and only see Users they shared Groups with, or are assigned to content that they are Collaborators on.

These include:

  • Content - that they have created, or are a Collaborator on.

  • Bookings - can manage bookings and join the session.

  • Assessments - help with marking.

  • Channels - create new Channels

  • Rewards - see which assigned Users have Rewards

Note: Contributors can create Live Classes and Webinars for the HowNow Virtual Classroom, but cannot host them.

Read Only

Read Only Users can only access the learning space, meaning, they will only be able to consume content, access their Profile, and message other Users.

Understand each of the Access Levels in our video tutorial:

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