Find your way around the HowNow Studio in minutes with the various sections outlined in this tutorial.

1. Content Types

You will always be able to create your content by selecting the content type cards, found at the top of the Studio page. Adding Channels and Skills is also done from here.

2. Filters

You'll be able to filter the Studio view, so you are just shown content by:

  • Type (Nugget, Live Class, etc.)
  • Whether Published, Scheduled or Draft.
  • Created by yourself, other team members or as part of a collaboration
  • Most recently created or date created
  • Channels

3. Search and View type

Surface your desired content by searching for its name, and change the layout in which you view the Studio content, from Card view to List view.

4. Export

You'll be able to export information for each of the columns found in the Studio's List View, by selecting the Export button, next to the Studio search bar:

Watch our video tutorial for an overview:

Useful to know: You can easily go back to the content you had set as filtered or searched for, and not lose it if you navigate away from the Studio:

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