Sometimes changes need to be made to the start time of a session. In this tutorial, we provide the steps needed to modify your Live Class, Webinar or Event time slot.

  1. Visit the Studio from your Dashboard

  2. You can see that 1 User has already booked onto this Live Class, so we won't be able to edit the time slot yet.

Note ✨: You'll need to cancel the existing booking to adjust the time slot!

3. Visit your Bookings tab from the sidebar

4. Search for your Live Class and select the 3 dot menu

5. Select Cancel Booking

6. From the popup, select Yes

7. Now you can navigate back to the Studio

8. Select the name of the Live Class you want to edit

9. Visit Date & Time - Step Two

10. Scroll down the page and select a new time for the booking slots

11. Hit Save & Continue in order to finalise it - now your assigned Learners will be able to book onto new timeslots

To see a step-by-step guide have a look at the below:

Note ✨ : For auto-enrol, the author must create a new time slot, and not amend the previously cancelled one, in order for Users to be auto-enrolled on to the new time.

The following video tutorial gives an explanation:

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