How to use the Everyone Learning Group

Use the 'Everyone' Group to ensure content gets directly to all Users, across your organisation.

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If you use the 'Everyone' rule, you can easily share content with all the people within your organisation that currently use the platform. It's great for company-wide updates, important announcements, and compliance Courses that are relevant for everybody!

When Assigning Courses, Live Classes, Webinars and Events

  1. Head to the Assign Learners step.

  2. The Everyone rule will be included by default but if you apply a different Rule, you'll have to re-add it.

You'll always be shown how many Users will be assigned to the content

  1. Hit Save and Continue to proceed to the next step, then publish.

When Sharing Nuggets

  1. Whilst you're creating your Nugget, open your Nugget Settings.

  2. Everyone will be selected by default, or you can add it if you're adapting the other Rules.

  3. Select Publish and you're finished!

Notifications for 'Everyone' Rule explained:

Notifications are always sent to Users from within the web app (desktop).

To send an email notification to your assigned Users, select the toggle option, on the Assign Learners step/section of the Editor.

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