There are 3 main ways to find the content you need - and they're all amazing (even if we do say so ourselves)

If what you're looking for isn't available on the homepage - here's how to get it...

Click on My Library

Select My Library from the HowNow homepage.

A new page will open where you'll see:

In Progress - Keep track of content that you're currently studying, to easily revisit and continue your learning.

Must do - See all content shared that has been labelled as highly important. This will be content you need to read, complete or engage with, as a priority.

Shared with Me - Content shared by your team.

History - All the content you've completed (will remain here, unless deleted or unpublished by the Author).

Bookings - See your Live Class, Webinar and Event bookings here. You can cancel or join from the content card.

Filter what you want to see in the My Library section by clicking on the filter icon in the top right.

Search for it

Our genius smart search will surface results from any content available to you, Channels of content you might be interested in AND any content from your connected Apps too! 🥳

Our autocomplete will give you immediate suggestions, but if you want to browse, hit Enter and enjoy another layer of filters to dig in deep.

Note: if you're searching for content that you've created as an Author - or you're the Collaborator or Verifier of this content - and have not been assigned to it as a learner, you'll only be able to see the chosen content, in its Preview Mode. The same applies for Users with Admin Org User Roles.

Content Libraries

When searching for courses by one of your integrated content library providers (LinkedIn, Udemy, Coursera, etc.), you can use the top-right filter option, to surface courses by language (if available in that language).

We've got a quick video of this cool feature, right here...

Use the Slack App, MS Teams App or Browser Extension!

That's right. You won't even need to login if you have one of these installed - find access to your content in seconds:

  • Use the "/" command on Slack to find what you're looking for.

  • Use the "@hownow" command on MS Teams to search and share.

  • Pop open the Browser Extension and get contextual recommendations OR search - easier than ever.

Check out our video guide below, for an overview of the above sections...

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