✅ Create Nuggets directly from Microsoft Teams to allow for content to be quickly created and stored

✅ Search and Send existing nuggets through Chat via the HowNow bot.

You can contribute Nuggets of information to your organisation's Learning Space, and share knowledge through a few handy steps, that'll activate the HowNow app.

  1. Select Teams from the side panel.

  2. Click the HowNow app logo, underneath the conversation bar.

3. Type your search term in the search bar, and select your content type.

4. Share the content with your team.

5. Create a Nugget by selecting more options (the 3 dots) > More actions > Create Nugget.

In the pop-up, edit the fields as desired, and click Create Nugget to finish. This will appear on your organisation's instance and can be edited in the Studio.

Watch our video tutorial below:

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