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How to use the Microsoft Teams integration
How to use the Microsoft Teams integration

Use Microsoft Teams to share content and create Nuggets, thanks to the MS Teams HowNow app.

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✅ Create Nuggets from Microsoft Teams to share useful tips, company insights or interesting links with the relevant Groups.

✅ Search and Send existing Nuggets through Chat via the HowNow app.

To start contributing Nuggets of information to your organisation's learning space - once the MS Teams app has been installed - navigate through these handy steps...

  1. Click the Teams option on your side panel.

  2. Under Teams > Your Teams, select the team you'd like to view.

Note✨ : If you don't see a team, this means you may need to join one, or create a team (via the option at the Teams option. This should be discussed between you and your Manager, as this is not related to HowNow.

3. Once you've selected your team, you will see all previous posts, from other members, and will be able to start creating your own.

4. You will also be able to start using the HowNow app, to do the four following actions...

Share content from MS Teams, to your organisation's learning space

Admins, Managers and Contributors can share content, posted on MS Teams (whether via the Teams section or Chat section), as a Nugget. This can be posted to Everyone, or any Groups you are a part of (depending on your Org User Role).

1. Click the 3-dot option, on the post you want to share.

2. Select More Actions > Create Nugget.

3. Within the Nugget editor pop-up, complete the following:

  • Title - the title of your Nugget.

  • Channels - the Channel(s) the content will be assigned to (your chosen group will be automatically assigned to these Channels.

  • Groups - the Group(s) you want to assign this Nugget to.

  • Content - the content you have chosen, will appear within this section. You can add further text, or remove text, from here. Once you click Create Nugget, the content will be published instantly.

Search for content to share from your learning space, to your team on MS Teams

While in Microsoft Teams, you can search for content that's been published to you, on your organisation's learning space.

1. Click on the 3-dot option within your Conversations text box.

2. Select the HowNow logo, and use a keyword to help search for your content.

3. Choose your content and add your message.

4. The content will be shared within your Team's conversation.

View content shared by other MS Teams members, via the learning space

To view your org's learning space content that has been shared within MS Teams, click on the View Content button.

This will open the content in a new tab. **Nuggets will open directly, while all other content types will open on their landing page first - allowing you to book time slots, or Start Course.

**Remember that Authors will see content they've created for other, in Preview Mode.

Receive web app notifications via MS Teams

Once your MS Teams app has been installed, you will receive notifications in the Chat section of your side panel. It will show you the same notifications as the web app (your workspace), and notifications confirming successfully published Nuggets (created then published from MS Teams).

You can control your MS Teams notifications from you Profile page: How to manage your Notifications from your Profile

Note: The admin for your organisation's MS Teams account, will need to ensure that specific Users are receiving MS Teams notifications, as soon as the app is installed. For these specifics, read our article: How to activate Microsoft Teams for Existing Users.

Take a look at our tutorial video, for the full steps.

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