Testing your Users' knowledge is a fundamental part of the upskilling process. You can use Assessments to identify how well your teams understand the content, that they're learning.

To create an Assessment and use the Question Bank feature. Create a Course and follow these steps:

  1. In the Course Editor select Add Assessment.

  2. Select your chosen Assessment type, from the following options:

  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

The pop-up will appear, from which you can enter your question (and use the Text Editor, to stylise it), add multiple potential answers, and use the tick button to set the correct answer, and set the marks earned.

Click Add Question, to finish.

  • Open Answer Question

In the pop-up, you will be able to set your question, choose a character limit, and set the marks gained. Click Add Question to finish.

  • Multimedia Question

For Multimedia Questions, Users will be able to upload files, to complete the assignment. These include PDF, Image, Video, Audio and Documents (Word Document, Excel sheet, etc).

Enter your question in the first text box, followed by a description (designed to give instructions to Users about how they should answer the question and what to include a part of their multimedia upload).

Set the marks gained and click Add Question.

  • Add Existing Questions (Question Bank)

The Existing Questions pop-up will show your list of Assessment questions, from your Question Bank.

Only questions from Courses you are an Author or Collaborator on, will be shown to you (except for Admins, who can access all questions).

1. You'll be able to search for questions, using the following two techniques:

  • Typing the name of the Assessment into the search bar.

  • Typing the Course name, if you already know which one holds the assessment question(s) you're looking for.

Note: The distinction between the Course name and Assessment name, is made by the use of the double-line divider ( || ). For example: "Quarterly Performance Review || Assessment" - this means Quarterly Review has Assessment within it.

2. Click the filter button to open the three given filter options:

  • Date Created - Select your start date and drag your cursor to the end date.

  • Question Type - All Types, MCQ, Open Answer, Multimedia.

  • Assessments - You can search for a specific Assessment from here, by typing or selecting from a drop-down list.

3. Click on the question you first wish to preview. This will appear on the right-hand side. It will give you an exact idea of how Users will see the content.

4. Once happy, click the checkbox next to your question (or select the checkbox next to the Course name, to select all its Assessments at once) and choose Add Questions.

5. You can reorder your questions, by selecting the re-order dots, next to your questions.

6. Click Continue to open the final settings stage. Here, you can complete the following:

  • Post-Submission Message: The message Users will see after they've submitted their Assessment.

  • Enable learners to retake assessment: You can set the number of times Users can retake.

  • Deadline Date: By when they must complete the Assessment.

  • Passing Grade Percentage: The percentage needed in order to pass the Assessment.

Click Save & Return to Course Editor, to complete your setup.

Check out our video tutorial, on how to complete all the above:

Please Note: This feature is currently in Beta, and we're always working on ironing little things out. If you have feedback on a Beta feature and want to make a suggestion on how to improve it - just drop us a message in the chat!

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