If you'd like to create a new Group and assign Users to it, you can do that as quick as a flash.

Adding a new Learning Group:

1. Head to the Users > Groups page and select Add Group

2. The Add Group pop-up will appear. Fill in the fields below:

  • Group Name

  • Channels - you want the Group to be assigned to (shown with the padlock icon)

  • Add Members - you can add your members manually from here.

3. Select Add Group to finish.

Note✨: For adding members in bulk, we've updated the position of the "Import" option, to the 3-dot menu, next to the Group name (shown below).

Also✨: These are some extra points to remember, when adding a Group...

  • You cannot only add existing Users to Groups, from here. It is not possible to create and add new Users to your organisation, this way.

  • Managers will be automatically added to the new Group, they create from this page. They won't be able to remove themselves, if they go to the Group's sub-page - this would require another Manager in the Group, or any Admin, to complete this. That same Manager will still, however, be able to remove other Group members.

Told you - easy as pie 🥧

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

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