How to add Groups

Adding new Groups to your Learning Space is easy as pie!

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If you'd like to create a new Group and assign Users to it, you can do that as quick as a flash.

Adding a new Learning Group:

1. Head to the Users > Groups page and select Add Group

2. The Add Group pop-up will appear. Fill in the fields below:

  • Group Name - this has a limit of up to 200 characters.

  • Channels - you want the Group to be assigned to.

  • Members - you can add up to 30 members, at a time, manually from here. You'll be prevented from adding further members, until you add your first batch of 30.

3. Select Add Group to complete this step. You'll be taken to the Group's sub-page, with the full list of Users added from your first batch.

4. To add further Users and bulk add a large number of Users:

On the Group's sub-page - select Add Members, to open the pop-up. Then manually add your additional Users, or to bulk add them, download the CSV template to Import a larger number of Users.

5. You can add Users back on the main Groups page, by clicking the 3-dots menu, for a Group of your choice. Select Add Members, to open the same pop-up.

Note✨: These are some extra points to remember, when adding a Group...

  • You can only add existing Users to Groups, from here. It is not possible to create and add new Users to your organisation, this way.

  • Managers will be automatically added to the new Group, they create from this page. They won't be able to remove themselves, if they go to the Group's sub-page - this would require another Manager in the Group, or any Admin, to complete this. That same Manager will still, however, be able to remove other Group members.

Told you - easy as pie 🥧

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

(Video Update: Once you have added your Group members, you will be redirected to the Group's sub-page, and not the main Group's page.)

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