For a crash course on all things User Roles, visit our article here. Users actually have 2 Roles - their Org and Group Roles.

"Your Group User Role can only be as high as your Org User Role"

- HowNow Proverb

This means that with a Manager's Org User Role, you can have 3 different roles in 3 different Learning Groups.

By changing the Global Access Levels of specific Users, you can increase their permissions within the platform. This includes allowing Users permissions to create content, verify and Manage teams too.

Changing a Users Org User Role

  1. From the Dashboard, select your Users tab

  2. Next to the User whose permissions you want to adjust, select a new Org User Role from the drop-down.

  3. Select multiple user from the tickbox and change multiple Org User Roles at once 😉

Changing a Group User Role

  1. From the Dashboard select Users > Groups

  2. Select the Group you want to manage

  3. Select the drop-down from Group User Role and choose their new role.

Note✨: Admins are always Admins, so they can't be changed to less than that in a Learning Group.

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