✅ Use GoToWebinar to conduct Live Classes

✅ Amend GoToWebinar set up via the HowNow or GoToWebinar platforms

✅ Keep GoToWebinar's recording functionality with Live Classes on HowNow

  1. Go to My Profile then select Integrations and scroll down to GoToWebinar and click on the Connect.

  2. This will take you to GoToWebinar’s login page and show you this log in screen:

3. Fill in your email address, click Next and submit your password, then click Sign In. You may be asked to submit an email verification code (this will be sent to the email address you just submitted).

4. You will now be signed in. The Connect button next to the GoToWebinar app on HowNow, will change to Disconnect, confirming that your GoToWebinar account is now connected.

Follow our video guide below:

Things To Note ✨:

GoToWebinar only exists for Live Classes on HowNow, not for Webinars.


  • Bookings made on HowNow (for a GoToWebinar-based Live Class) will be shown on HowNow's Bookings page, on your Admin/Manager Dashboard. These same bookings will be reflected on your GoToWebinar Dashboard.

  • Within your GoToWebinar Dashboard, the Live Class won't appear, unless at least 1 assigned User, is the first to book a time slot.

  • Once this User has booked a time slot, any remaining assignees will be able to book on to the same session, at any time, after the session has started.

  • Users can join the session at any time, if they book before the session starts (they'll be redirected to GoToWebinar).

  • If there are no bookings made at all, Users won't be redirected to the GoToWebinar link.

  • The number of attendees and registration limit, are both dependent on your organisation's own GoToWebinar subscription plan.


  • If a user wants to join from the HowNow web app notification, then the GoToWebinar session will be opened in the same tab/page.

  • We recommend Users attempt to join their live sessions (i.e. access your booking), at least 1 to 2 minutes after the booking has been done on HowNow. This is to allow GoToWebinar time to sync the booking with HowNow, otherwise, the User will be redirected to the HowNow Virtual Classroom's join page screen, as a holding page.


  • If a User cancels their session, it will also be removed from your GoToWebinar Dashboard. The same rule applies, if an Author deletes an entire Live Class session, on HowNow.

  • A session won't be deleted from GoToWebinar, if it is already active (in progress), but deleted on HowNow.

  • Users cannot join sessions after cancelling their booking, or if the Author has deleted the session. They will be led back to the main Learning Space page, and receive the pop-up message: "You are not authorized to access this".

FAQS about GoToWebinar

Are there breakout rooms?

GoToWebinar doesn't currently support breakout rooms. This would be found separately, via GoToMeeting or GoToTraining (note: both of which are independent of HowNow, and not part of our supported integrations).

Can you record the Zoom Live Classes?

Yes. You can record on your GoToWebinar account, by clicking the "Start Recording" option (for Windows) or "Record" (for Mac), when broadcasting. You'll then be able to find the recording within your Video Library, ready for downloading.

What if the session needs to be amended?

You can amend your session within GoToWebinar, by heading to your Webinar Dashboard, select to view the "Upcoming Events" tab, and choose the 3-dotmenu for your webinar, to edit from the menu provided.

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