When we talk about social learning, we don't just mean learning from others. It involves creating an overarching culture of learning internally within an organisation. Empowering individuals to share their best practices, ideas and processes with others for the benefit of the team (and the company!)

Creating Content

Discuss, Like and Recommend

Add Discussions to content that allow you to tag other users to keep the momentum going. Ask questions, give feedback and share answers.

Give any content the thumbs-up and the platform will start recommending it to your teammates too (if it's not already shared with them directly.)

Find out more about our Discussions feature here.

Sharing Nuggets

With the right User Roles and Learning Groups set up - anyone can contribute to your internal knowledge base. HowNow's content creation tools are designed for everyone, regardless of role, to create Courses, Nuggets, Live Classes or Playlists.

Give your people the power to share within their team and take advantage of those brainboxes internally.

Find out how to create Nuggets here.

On-Demand Learning

HowNow lives where you work. Access your learning material mid-conversation on Slack or MS Teams using our apps or create a Nugget from an interesting blog post you've read on LinkedIn using the HowNow Browser Extension.

Find out about how to learn in the flow of work here.


We understand the risks of crowdsourcing your content - people are busy. They don't always remember to review any content they've shared with their team. HowNow allows you to set verification intervals, sending helpful reminders for the author (or their collaborators) to ensure their content is up to date.

Find out about how Verification works here.


Create a community around a Channel - HowNow's way of bringing together content according to topics. Padlock a Channel to a team Learning Group so the relevant team has access to the relevant content.

Find out more about how Channels work here.

Want to ask us a few questions about using HowNow to encourage social learning? drop us a message in the support chat.

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