A Nugget is small but mighty - small pieces of knowledge that you need in a short space of time - essential microlearning but powerful to improve the way you work!

On HowNow

  1. To get going, select the + icon and hit Create Nugget

2. A blank Nugget will open - where you can add in your content.

  • Add a Header and Title

  • Add in Content (Text, Images, Videos, Audio, Embed Code, Files, Links and even Existing Content to create a Playlist)

3. Select Settings

  • Add a Description

  • Add a Thumbnail too

  • Add relevant Channels and Skills (3-5 is best!)

  • Choose your Verifier and Collaborators

  • Enable Discussions

  • Select who to share it with

4. Hit Publish and you're done

In the flow of work

Reading an interesting article or want to share something immediately? Use the HowNow browser Extension.

  1. Whilst looking at what you want to share, open the HowNow Browser Extension and select the + Add to HowNow icon

  2. The Browser Extension will automatically populate with the relevant information

  3. Add in your chosen Channels and then hit Add Nugget

Take a look at our video guide below:

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