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How to install the HowNow Browser ExtensionYou can install our Browser Extension into Chrome or Microsoft Edge to take your learning everywhere!
How to install the HowNow Slack AppFind any of your workplace knowledge directly from Slack... without switching context!
How to troubleshoot connecting your Google CalendarLearn how to edit your Google Account app settings, if you need to reconnect your Google Calendar
Integrate with Google CalendarKeep on top of your schedule by connecting your Google Calendar, so you never forget your personal meetings.
Integrating with ZapierAutomate more of your workflow by using our native Zapier integration. Admins can set this up to create Zaps in seconds.
How to integrate with GoToWebinarUse GoToWebinar to conduct Live Classes
How to integrate with Google DriveAccess your Google Drive documents without switching context - share content across knowledge bases too!
Integrate with ZoomUse Zoom to conduct Live Classes (and Webinars, if your Zoom account has the Webinar feature)
How to Add Users to Groups when using Zapier and ShopifyGet the right Users into the right Groups, once they make a purchase on your Shopify store.
How to Integrate with SharepointGet access to your organisation's Sharepoint with these quick steps.
How to Add Users to HowNow when using Zapier and ShopifyBring new Users to your organisation's learning space, once they buy your products on Shopify.
Integrate with OneDriveGetting your OneDrive connected needn't be a hassle, so we've made it simple...
Integrate with DropboxNowhere else can you get access to your Dropbox in less than 2 minutes! Here's how...
Integrate with ConfluenceOrganise your work and easily liaise with Team Members via your integrated Confluence account.
Integrate with Zendesk Knowledge BaseStay connected with Zendesk by following these easy steps to integrate.
How to use the Microsoft Teams integrationUse Microsoft Teams to share content and create Nuggets, thanks to the MS Teams HowNow app.
How to use the HowNow Slack AppNow you've integrated your Slack, it's time to start using its many cool (and useful) features!
How to integrate your Outlook CalendarYou'll never miss a meeting or event, once you integrate your Outlook Calendar, ready to go!