Nothing is easier! 

1. Go to your Dashboard, by clicking on your Profile picture (yes, the little animal if you haven't changed it yet!) located at the top right of your Learning Space.

You can also reach the Dashboard from your panel on the left of your Learning Space:

2. Go to your Settings at the bottom of your side toolbar: 

 3. Navigate to the Logo & Header Image section and upload your logo and choose an eye-catching yet relevant header. You'll also be able to change the Favicon (when you scroll further down the page); the small icon that appears in the corner of an internet browser tab. You can also change to site Language Preference to English, Japanese or Spanish.

Note ✨ : the end User can select their Language Preference, which will override the school setting for them.

Note ✨ : You'll also be able to customise thumbnails, content headers, Badges, and Certificates too.

Tada! You have now customised your learning space. What a champ'! 

Note that this action can only be achieved by Admins.

Watch our video tutorial for the steps:

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