1. On your Learning Space, click the (+) sign and select Create Nugget:

2. Name your Nugget and add content

  • An Article encouraging team members to think deeper
  • An Image for visual representation and creative thinking
  • A Video for quick yet dynamic learning
  • An Audio file to provide insightful podcasts
  • Embed anything from around the web
  • A File like PDF or PPT
  • A Link to external content form around the web
  • Existing Content or Playlist

Once you are happy with your content, click on Save and Continue 

3. Now fill the necessary fields before you publish: 

  • Thumbnail - the image representing your Nugget
  • Channels - the subject category where the Nugget will be seen.
  • Skills - the Skills to be gained by completing the Nugget.
  • Collaborator - the Contributor, Manager or Admin assigned to help create/edit the content
  • Verifier - a member who's an expert on the topic, will verify the Nugget's content
  • Verification Interval - how long the expert has to verify the content
  • Assign Learners - using Custom Rules to assign the right users and/or Groups
  • Discussion - great to increase social learning among users
  • Release Date

Video Tutorial below:

Tip: If you want your shared knowledge to be pinned in the Announcement, Must-Do or Top-slider section, make sure to assign it as an Announcement, Must-Do or Top-Pick in the Channels field.

Note: Any documents added to a Nugget, would need to be updated external of HowNow, and reuploaded within the Nugget. For example a PDF. You can edit Nugget content created from within the Nugget itself, at any time from the Studio.

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