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How to use the Bookings page
How to use the Bookings page

Deep dive into your Bookings page to cancel Bookings, Delete sessions and check on your Waiting Lists!

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Cancelling Bookings, deleting sessions and checking up on your Waiting Lists is a walk in the park! Let me show you...

Note : To enhance loading times across your organisation's learning space - giving you a greater user experience - we have removed the sorting option on a select few columns.

Go to Dashboard > Content > Bookings. At the top of the page, there are four tiles representing:

Total Bookings

The total number of Active Bookings for Events, Live Classes and Webinars.

Waiting List

The total no. of Users on Waiting Lists for Events, Live Classes and Webinars.


The number of completed Events, Live Classes and Webinars.


The total number of Bookings cancelled.

From your list of Events, Live Classes and Webinars, if you click on the three dots next to a piece of content, you can...

  • Edit

  • Join

  • Delete Session

  • Cancel Bookings

We also have our Bulk Actions! If you select multiple Users, you can

  • Cancel Bookings

  • Delete Session

Export a full list of all your Bookings, or whichever appear in your data table after applying your chosen filters.

Deep dive into the Bookings for a specific Event, Live Class or Webinar:

Enrolled Users

The number of Users assigned to this Event, Live Class or Webinar.

Active Enrolled Users

The number of assignees who have logged in at least once.

Active Groups

The total number of Groups the assignees belong to.

Active Job Roles

The total number of Job Roles associated with the active assignees.

Click on the three dots next to an individual to:

  • Mark as Attended

  • Cancel bookings

  • Message

Alternatively, select multiple users to complete the same bulk actions.

Use the Filters and Columns to drill down into the data you want like Status, Groups, etc. and Export your own custom report!

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

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