Note ✨: This article is how to manage the bookings for an Event, Live Class or Webinar that you've created. If you're interested in modifying your own bookings, check out this article instead.

  1. From the Dashboard, visit your Bookings tab under Content

  2. Use the filters/search bar to select the Event/Live Class/Webinar you'd like to view or manage and select the title.

View Bookings

On the next page, you'll be able to filter by Status to see all the learners on the Booked or Waiting list. You'll see four main statuses:

  • Attending (has booked a place on the Live Class/Webinar)

  • Booking Cancelled (the User has booked, and then cancelled their booking OR the Author has cancelled the Live Class/Webinar)

  • Attended (the User has attended the Live Class/Webinar)

  • Not Attended (the User has booked, but not attended)

Cancel Bookings

Using the tick-box next to the Users' names and select the X icon that will appear to cancel their booking.

Mark as Attended

You can select to Mark as Attended, one or more Users, by choosing from either of the following options:

  • Clicking the 3-dot menu next to the Users' name.

  • Clicking the checkbox of select Users, or the top checkbox for all Users on the current table page, then selecting the tick icon that appears.

For an overview on how to do all three, of the above, see our video guide below.

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