If you're using your Zoom account to create Events, Live Classes or Webinars there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot some of the most frequently asked questions about Zoom and the HowNow Zoom integration!

Zoom Integration Help

1. How do I connect with Zoom?

To enable the HowNow Zoom integration, follow the steps in our article: How to integrate with Zoom.

2. How many people can I have on a meeting?

Our limit is set at 10,000 people for both Live Classes and Webinar. This will only be possible if your Licensed Zoom account allows you to have this many Users on a call.

Note: if your Zoom account allows for 10,000 Users on a call but you've set the maximum users for the Live Class/Webinar to less than that - then this will be the limit of people who can join/book through HowNow.

3. Troubleshoot the Zoom Integration

If you find you're having trouble with the Zoom integration on HowNow - check these two easy wins.

  • Disconnect the Zoom Integration from My Profile and reconnect it

  • Ensure you're signed in to the Zoom Desktop App to join the Zoom session as a host

  • Use the Zoom Scheduler or Zoom Calendar Add-On to ensure better use of Zoom too!

Zoom Help

1. Why can't I see my Video/ hear my Audio?

Take a look at these helpful articles from our friends at Zoom that will help:

2. Other FAQ's on Zoom

Take a look at this helpful article from Zoom that will help with any other queries

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