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Managing the settings of the HowNow Browser Extension
Managing the settings of the HowNow Browser Extension

What information is the HowNow Browser Extension using to personalise my learning? What do each of the Settings change?

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Control your HowNow Browser Extension Settings by using the below options - tailor your experience to ensure your learning is as unique as you are!

You'll also learn what kind of information we share with your learning space to tailor your learning experience, too.

  1. To access the Settings of the HowNow Browser Extension right-click on the icon in the top right of your screen

  2. Select Options

3. A pop-up with the default settings will appear - this can be closed or the permissions can be changed by ticking/unticking a box.

(Permission options are shown below)

  • Make your organisation's HowNow learning platform the default homepage, for your browser.

  • Surface HowNow content from the platform, simultaneously alongside Google Search results.

  • Allow HowNow to use the history of your Google searches, HowNow Extension searches, and learning platform searches to recommend the most relevant content to you.

  • Choose whether to show, or hide, the HowNow Shortcut tab, on your screen.

See a short demo of where these options are, below:

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