Learning and time are two peas in the same pod. Users can benefit from knowing how long their learning should (on average) take to complete. That's why we've introduced the Duration option, helping Authors, when creating content.

To use the Duration option:

  1. Open the following sections:

    • Editing section for Nuggets.

    • Step Four | Release & Deadline for Courses and SCORM Courses.

    • Step Two | Date & Time for Live Classes, Webinars and Events.

2. You can set the Duration for your content as one of the following (based on the content type): Hours, Minutes (Mins) or both.

Nuggets, Courses and SCORM Courses

  • Hours - the maximum value is 99

  • Mins - the maximum value is 59

Live Classes and Webinars**

  • Hours and Mins (pre-existing drop-down list option) - the maximum is 8 hours


  • Hours (pre-existing drop-won list option) - the maximum value is 23

  • Days - the maximum value is 10

    • The Days option will automatically reveal the secondary option: "Daily Duration". This can be set from 1 hour to 11 hours.

3. Once you've published your content, the Duration will now be visible on the content card. The bullet-point symbol " " will be used to separate the Duration time, from the published time.

Note✨: Third-party content library courses will also show Duration, but only if the provider shares this data with us. Otherwise, the Duration will be blank.

You'll also be able to see the Duration time in the following sections/pages:

Dashboard > Content

The Duration column will show the time given. This column does not have a corresponding filter option, nor can it be sorted.

Users > User sub-page

The User sub-page will display the Duration column for any content that includes it. If there's no Duration set by the Author, the column value will show blank with " - ".

Studio (List View)

The Duration value will appear for content inside the Studio, only if it's been set by the Author before setting it to Draft.

Groups > Learning History

A Group's Learning History page will also display the Duration column, for content being learned by Users of that Group.


The Bookings page will also show the Duration column, representing the duration of the Live Class that the Booking is associated with.

Duration will also be available via Mobile and Browser Extension

Key Points to remember : The following points are for you to remember when using the Duration option...

  • Any Live Class, Webinar or Event Durations that were set before this feature went live, will automatically pre-populate the Duration columns and their content cards.

  • Time Spent Learning is not related to Duration, and remains unaffected.

  • Duration is not included/visualised on the Insights page.

Check out our video tutorial below.

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