On almost every page of the Dashboard, we have added Filters and Columns to allow you to drill down into your data to create your own custom Reports!


Click on the filter icon and choose how you want to narrow down your search:

Note: ✨ always ensure you have clicked Apply (where required), to filter your results.


Click on the Columns button to select which columns you want visible by unticking the columns that are not relevant to your search. Once you click Apply, the page will show your selection:

If you un-pin any of the Columns, it will save that as your default view. So, if you navigate to another page and then return, you will only see the Columns you kept pinned.


On almost every page of the Dashboard, you are now able to Export the data from it. For example, you can now Export Reward Insights or Reward Insights (including All Learners).

Note: ✨ the Export will appear as it does on your screen. Meaning, if you have used Filters and changed the Columns visible, that will be mirrored in your Export.

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

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